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With 2011 ending soon, below is the analysis of what has been happening with home and condo prices.

Looking at single family homes prices (for clear analysis, we looked at 3 bedroom homes which are the most popular in all neighborhoods),
prices fell significantly in all areas in 2009, then rose in 2010, and then fell again, although much less than in 2009, in 2011. Overall, we’re now more or less back to the 2004 price levels.

Here’s the trend, which with few exceptions, has been pretty similar for all areas:

Condo prices (2 bed condos analyzed), have shown similar trend with slightly larger fluctuations and recent drops. Also with condos, we seem to be back to 2004 prices.

In 2010, condo prices dropped in all areas with the cheapest areas showing largest drops and the most desirable ones being most stable:

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